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​Lets talk about talking about it...

Depression before and after having a baby, known as antenatal and post partum depression, come in many different shapes and forms. Sometimes, a woman may not feel "depressed" at all, and instead may experience other mental health symptoms.  Do you identify with any of these thoughts or experiences?

- Feeling like a failure in your new role?

- Missing your "old life" and guilt about that thought?

-Thinking all other moms are  doing it better?

-Crying or sadness that does not seem to subside?

-Mood swings?

-Anxiety about the future that makes it hard to sleep, leave the house, or be in social settings?

-Intrusive or frightening thoughts?

-Feeling that no one understands?

-Wondering how to balance your career, family, and personal life?

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​I want to talk, but I'm afraid...

Reaching out for help is one of the most difficult things to do.  For  women in any stage of motherhood, admitting you could be suffering with pre or post partum depression has many UNTRUE stereotypes and implications, such as:

-I don't love my baby.

-I am not a good mother.

-I am "losing it."

-I am going to "do something crazy."

-CPS will find out and take my baby away.

- I wasn't made for this whole "mothering" thing.

-I will have to take medications.

-People will think I can't handle it.


These fears are normal, but they are not accurate.

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What we can do together:

We can meet for confidential 1:1 counseling sessions.  I can help you learn to cope with your distressing thoughts, create a new routine, and define what 'normal' is for you now.

Counseling sessions occur in your home. Your baby, children, and/or spouse is welcome to be present, at your discretion. I insist that you don't clean before I arrive, and I will bring the coffee!

What we can do as a group:

We can meet as a group in a community location with other moms who are experiencing the same things.  Group content includes education, processing, and take home materials.

Don't forget to join the Facebook group for live time discussions and support! Click here to join:

You can participate in one-time groups, which are happening on an on-going basis in the local community.  Receive education, process with other moms, and decrease feelings of isolation.

What we can do on the phone:

Traditional telephone sessions are available to interested women outside of the Rochester, NY, area. 

*NEW* Want to connect a different way? Let's use!

You do not need to create an account to use this safe and HIPAA compliant service. Please contact me for details.


Individual session costs vary by individual case.  Distance traveled, session length, and time of day are all considered in setting an agreed upon fee.  Prior to our first meeting, you will receive all legal and privacy related paperwork and agreements. 

Group sessions are a one time set fee, disclosed prior to group's occurring date.

I do not accept insurance.  Let me explain:

Allowing your insurance to assist you in payment is wonderful.  However, it also means that your insurance company is privy to any information you disclose during our meetings, and that they  (insurance company- not us) can determine how often we meet, what we work on, and what counseling approaches and methods I must use. 

When it comes to your personal experience, I do not believe "one size fits all."

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Upcoming Groups​

Why attend a group?

There are numerous benefits that come with attending a group, although for some mothers, the idea of a group seems totally overwhelming- ("What will I say? What will people think of me? I get anxious in groups and speaking in front of people!")  Here are some reasons to consider joining me on one of the groups listed below-

1. You don't HAVE to say anything.  Just listening may be helpful for you. 

2. Anyone else at the group also made the scary or anxiety provoking decision to come.  This means they are also dealing with similar distress to your own.  Therefore, no one will judge you.

3. You will get out of the house, which may be something you haven't done much since adding to your family. You'd be surprised how refreshing this can feel. This being said, I still don't expect you to put any effort into your appearance that day.  Sweat pants and stained clothing are encouraged!

4. The groups are very small- on average, each group is restricted to 5 participants. 

5. Helping others can be helpful to yourself- you may really  have it down in one area of motherhood that another mother is struggling with.  Exchanging ideas and suggestions with other members will raise your confidence level.  Learning from others in the same situations will help you build coping skills.


September 23

Starting July 1, Self Care Sunday's will meet the first Sunday of each month!

Self Care Sundays is moving to an "open" group format, which means that you can attend as often as you like without commitment.  Mothers with children of any age are invited! We welcome new members to each session and look forward to both helping and learning from you and your experiences!


$35 per week

Fairport, NY

To sign up for group, give me a call. You will need to fill out an agreement, which I can bring to the session.  If you have attended in the past, I can text/email you to confirm if you'd like to join us or not each month.

Lets Talk.

Give me a call.

(585) 760-4090

All voicemail messages are confidential. 

All calls will be returned within 24 hours.

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