The Motherhood Experience Group

There is a correlation between a positive experience for a new mother and factors such as support, education, and social interaction.  Often, after the whirlwind of pregnancy, birth and coming home, a sense of isolation sets in, even for the most well adjusted of women.  The Motherhood Experience is a professionally run group, which supports mothers during the adjustment and transition into a completely new and unknown role.  Each week, a different topic will be processed with peers in the group, assisting new mothers in gaining confidence, decreasing worry, and re-establishing the 'new normal' of her life.  There is no limit to the age of children or whether this was your first pregnancy or fifth.  The group is here for you. 

Topics may include:

New/conflicting/confusing emotions, sleeping, relationship with partner, boundaries, time management, birth stories, new identify, communication of needs, and body image, among others. 

The Motherhood Experience Group runs in 8 week cycles.  This is a "closed" group, which means that the same participants are present each week.  Due to COVID, this group is currently being run virtually.  Group cost is $40 per week for each 75 minute session.  By signing up for group, participants are committing to 8 weeks of participation.  Group current occurs on Wednesdays from 9:00am-10:15am.  Please reach out to find out about the next cycle. 

All discussions will be facilitated in a supportive and validating way.  The choices of each participant are valued. 

 please reach out at [email protected], or 

call directly at (585) 760-4090

Who Should Attend?

Any new mother- biological, foster, or adoptive!

Why Should I attend?

You'll meet other new mothers, share experiences, de​crease isolation, receive education, and have a place to process new experiences.