The Motherhood Experience Group

There is a correlation between a positive experience for a new mother and factors such as support, education, and social interaction.  Often, after the whirlwind of pregnancy, birth and coming home, a sense of isolation sets in, even for the most well adjusted of women.  The Motherhood Experience is a professionally run group, which supports mothers during the adjustment and transition into a completely new and unknown role.  Each week, a different topic will be processed with peers in the group, assisting new mothers in gaining confidence, decreasing worry, and re-establishing the 'new normal' of her life. 

Topics may include:

New/conflicting/confusing emotions, sleeping, relationship with partner, boundaries, time management, birth stories, new identify, communication of needs, and body image, among others. 

All discussions will be facilitated in a supportive and validating way.  The choices of each participant are valued. 

To learn about times and dates:

 please reach out at [email protected], or 

call directly at (585) 760-4090

Who Should Attend?

Any new mother- biological, foster, or adoptive!

Why Should I attend?

You'll meet other new mothers, share experiences, de​crease isolation, receive education, and have a place to process new experiences.  

What are the details?

Groups run in cycles for 8 weeks  Each session is 75 minutes, and the cost is $40 per session, which may be paid weekly, or in total at the start of the cycle.  This is a closed group, meaning participants are the same each week.

Due to COVID-19, this group is currently being offered via TELEHEALTH.